The Brain, the body, and survival

Does the brain exist and evolve to prolong the survival of the body? Or does the brain use the body to prolong its own survival? Or are they one and the same thing and should not be discussed as two separate entities?

Hypothetically, is it possible to “evolve” a brain as complex and intelligent as a human’s, without attaching it to a human like body?

On the flip side, is it possible to create a human like body and expect it to survive out in the world, without providing it with a human like brain?

To me, asking questions like these instantly exposes the flaws in traditional AI techniques. Everything that has been built so far, learns only because it is force-fed information that we want it to be able to process.

If it doesn’t care about life and death, can it learn?

If it doesn’t yearn, does it learn?


One Comment on “The Brain, the body, and survival

  1. Why does it have to be this complex? why cant it just be a simple symbiosis?

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