Ten Thousand Miles in Fourteen Years

Fourteen years after landing at JFK airport in NY..

Sitting on the curb outside with nowhere to go..

Eating a 99c McBurger two times a day for months on end..

After experiencing the pure ecstasy of being in Times Square at the millenium’s turn..

After sleeping overnight several times on the cold sidewalk outside the US Consulate in New Delhi..

After experiencing George Bush vs Al Gore in 2000..

After watching the towers go down in 2001..

The smell of ground-zero, and the cold stares immediately after..

After getting laid-off abruptly and having to find a job within 10 days or go back..

Not being able to attend my father-in-law’s funeral because of visa issues..

Not being able to change jobs for years because the green card was “in-process”..

After experiencing John McCain vs Barack Obama in 2008..

After filing 19 US patents..

Getting a chance to touch millions of lives while working at eBay..

Finally being “free” to quit working for someone else, to test my mettle against the raw elements..

Feeling the joy of helping with safety for millions of people while running WeatherSphere..

After experiencing Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama in 2012..

Ten thousand miles from where I was born..

On June 19, 2013.. I finally got my US citizenship!



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