About Raghav Gupta

Raghav Gupta is currently Founder & CEO at WeatherSphere, a successful revenue generating startup with the best selling weather app in the App Store. Whether it be tornadoes and thunderstorms in the midwest, hurricanes in the south-east, snowstorms in the north, wild-fires in the west, or just planning their routine, millions of users across the country use our apps every single day as part of their daily lives. WeatherSphere is located in downtown Mountain View, CA on Castro St.

Prior to WeatherSphere, Raghav Gupta was a research scientist at eBay Research Labs , where besides filing 19 patents related to search technology and image processing he led many ideas from invention through execution. You can find more detail on his work there at http://labs.ebay.com/raghavgupta/.

His family time includes kayak racing with his 9 year old son on some days, and helping him figure out tricky mindstorms programming bugs on others.


One Comment on “About Raghav Gupta

  1. I found BayEstimator a couple weeks ago and found it fascinating. Will it be returning?

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