Ode to eBay

Came to this land,
To survive another day..
Day after day, still too bland
Hung on by just a strand,
Until I landed at eBay.

It was a beacon of light
Its foes cowered in fright,
The strength of its community,
Granted it virtual immunity
Under custodians sight,
No one dared slight,
Unto this giant’s might.

As with all blinding power
The custodians went slowly sour
Took the community for granted
Seeds of dissent met with dour
The ecosystem was finally salted.

Failed at my task I did
Couldn’t raise enough to bid
Change for even an hour
To lighten up the day
Of even one user on eBay.

Some will be sad,
Maybe some happy
A few ambivalent,
Some downright ecstatic,
That I am leaving eBay

Losing all right to preach,
I urge one and every each
Heed the user, not the ladder
Now is the time, now the hour
Give more than is your due
To restore this mighty power
To what was known as eBay.

Monday, October the 13th will be my last day at eBay. And no, I was not laid off, rather my decision to exit into the current hellish market environment is entirely voluntary.

I express my sincere gratitude to all who keep the miracle of eBay alive.

-Raghav Gupta
October 10, 2008