WeatherSphere Has 3 Apps In Top 58 Paid iOS Apps

Gratifying to see that when the weather gets really nasty, millions of people across the country turn to WeatherSphere apps to ensure their loved ones’ safety. Today (May 20, 2013) has been a busy day, with massive tornadoes hitting the midwest that led to significant loss of life. Millions of existing users were using our apps simultaneously to track the storms in real-time, and thousands of new users were downloading the apps and trying them for the first time.

Today, our virtual “cloud” at RackSpace actually came of use to foil theĀ real storm cloud! At peak, we were serving nearly a gigabit of traffic every second, something we couldn’t hope to do with our original fixed infrastructure.

WeatherSphere Tops Apps

WeatherSphere Tops Apps

There is no question about it; the cloud plays a huge role in leveling the playing field. Without it, there is no way we could have scaled up in time to serve today’s traffic.